Positive Chimney and Fireplace has a long history of sweeping chimneys. Started in 1982, the company has been providing the Cadillac area and surrounding counties with honest and reliable service. We do our best to keep your home warm and safe.

A regular routine of maintenance is the best way to keep your stove or fireplace operating for years to come. If you’re the type to do so yourself, we sell the supplies and equipment you’ll need to keep things clean. That said, we do recommend that you utilize a certified chimney sweep yearly to be sure that any problems or potential issues are caught ahead of time. Positive Chimney can provide that for you!

Here are a few tips to keep a wood-burning hearth appliance in tip-top shape:

  • • Clean the glass regularly with approved cleaners.
  • • Don’t allow ashes to build up, clean them regularly.
  • • Watch for decreased draft or lazy flames, this is a good sign that your appliance isn’t getting enough air.
  • • If your unit has outside air vents, be sure they’re not blocked by nests, snow, or dirt/dust.
  • • Be sure to stay on a regular maintenance routine in regards to the venting or chimney, this is where the majority of problems occur.

With careful maintenance and proper use, you can prevent house fires. If a house fire does occur, we are able to help you in the process of restoring your home. We will work with your insurance company to ensure a timely and efficient renewal so that you can get back to normal.