Installation Process

What do I do first?

Positive Chimney is here to help you solve problems and improve your home with the warmth and comfort of fire. Your first step is to come up with ideas. We have a lot of tools that we can utilize to help you build a vision for your future fireplace or stove. See our Facebook page for constant updates on what we’re doing, our Pinterest page for ideas, or even check us out on Houzz for a high quality idea book. With those tools, as well as the websites of our supply partners, you should be able to come with a solid idea of what you want in your home.


Next, give us a call or stop by our showroom to talk about more ideas and to see our displays in person. Our sales team will then help you through the process of what we need to do in order to see your vision come to life. This usually involves an in-home visit and/or a talk with your builder or remodeler. We go to great lengths to help you along in this process.

Finally, in this concept phase, is the estimate. We’ll go through and determine what materials and work we’ll need to account for in order to give you as accurate an estimate as possible. Unfortunately, things happen and we can’t always give a perfect number but don’t be afraid to talk with your estimator to see if there are other options or if something doesn’t seem right to you. Once you have your estimate and you agree with it, we’ll need a signed copy of the estimate and a 50% down payment.

After I have signed, what next?

Once we’ve received the signed estimate and your deposit, we’ll be able to order materials and pull any applicable permits. Unfortunately, we can’t keep every single part and piece in stock at all times so we’ll put together the package of supplies needed and ready them for the installers. This typically takes a week to two weeks, more if items are back ordered or for some uncommon specialty items.

In the meantime, our scheduler will set up a tentative time for your installation. They should contact you within a week of signing to schedule and confirm any questions we have with you. As you prepare for us to arrive, we’re also preparing to serve you best. Each week we discuss, as a group, the upcoming installations and give insights on how best to complete the task. You can rest assured that your job has been gone over as best we can before we arrive.

What should I do before you arrive?

In a word: prepare. The area around where the appliance and/or stone will be installed should be cleared out to about eight (8) feet in order to give our technicians room to work. This can be done the day of, so no need to have your livingroom cleared for weeks as we wait to install. We’ll also need entrances cleared including the door we’ll be bringing equipment and the appliance through as well as the entrance to your property. Our vans are reliable but not invincible so if you have snow on the ground, we’d greatly appreciate your help by clearing your drive.

Also, depending on the extent of your installation, prepare time for the installation. Typically, a simple, straight-forward installation is one trip of about six to eight hours. Sometimes, a return trip is needed in order to finish the installation or fire-up your appliance. If you have special framing or stone work that we’re doing for you, it could take a prolonged period of time. We will do everything we can to make it as unobtrusive on your personal time and space as possible but it is not always feasible to take down all of our equipment each day. Our crews will work with you to keep this a smooth and easy process.

Finally, prepare yourself! The installation can be noisy and dusty, though we try to keep this to a minimum as much as possible. It can also be a little nerve-wracking as we may have to cut holes in walls and ceilings. Our technicians do their best to make this painless but can’t anticipate every set-back so if you know of potential problems with the path of installation, it’d be a great help to be prepared to notify us of them ahead of time.

What should I do during the installation?

When our technicians arrive, they’ll introduce themselves and help prepare the space around the installation. We bring our own tarps for the floors but do not necessarily cover furniture and surrounding rooms unless we anticipate a large dusty mess. We use high-powered vacuums to keep dust to a minimum and always seek to clean up as much as possible afterwards.

During the install, feel free to ask questions about what the technicians are planning. They’ll walk you through the installation process and seek to answer any concerns you may have. As they install, they’ll keep you informed of any major changes to the plan of action and allow you to make decisions in regards to what should be done, if need be. We won’t do anything to drastically change the installation without your approval. That said, an estimate is just that, an estimate. Sometimes we have to make changes in time and materials we were not able to foresee and we’ll inform you of potential changes when applicable.

What should I do after your technicians leave?

After your installation is complete, we will schedule an inspection by state and/or local authorities. Our scheduler will do their best to connect you with the inspector in order to set up the best time to meet. This inspection is required by state and local law as well as our mechanical license and is a third party review to assure you that the equipment hs been properly installed.

During this time, we’ll also invoice you with the final bill less your deposit. This can take up to a week to finalize. We can send this invoice by mail and/or e-mail and you can pay by check, credit card or cash whether in person, by phone, or by mail.

Is there anything else I should know?

One of the most important things you can do to keep your hearth and home in top shape is maintenance. Some things you can do for yourself! Cleaning the glass, vacuuming ash and soot, and using high-quality fuels are simple ways to keep up your new system. We prefer to be called out after the first season of use, in the majority of cases, to inspect and clean your system. From there, our technicians can determine what sort of schedule you should be on for maintenance and if there are any other concerns with the way the system is being used.

All in all, Positive Chimney and Fireplace strives to make this as easy a process as possible for you. We work hard behind the scenes so that you don’t have to. If you’re interested in finding out how we can help you improve your home, please call us at (231) 775-7941 or toll free at (800) 338-1138.
Thank you for considering Positive Chimney!
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