Parts and Accessories

Stoll Fireplace Doors and Refacing

If your fireplace is in need of a facelift, whether it’s a metal firebox or masonry, Stoll Fireplace Doors is a great solution! They craft custom doors and glass to meet the needs of your fireplace renovation. With a variety of options from modern to industrial to traditional, this company is a leader in the fireplace door industry. Even your zero clearance fireplace can be modernized and renovated!



To make this process easy for you, our sales team will come to your home to take measurements and pictures. We’ll show you the options and help you with your selections. From there, we’ll order the door or refacing kit for you. Once we receive the equipment, we’ll come back to your home to install and finish the facelift!

Custom Hearth Pads

When your stove is in need of a hearth pad in order to properly protect your floor, Positive Chimney and Fireplace can help you find the perfect solution for you. We not only sell hearth pads from American Panel Hearth Products but we also craft them to your specific needs! Our pads are made to order with tile, stone, or thin brick and will meet the insulation value needed to properly protect your floors. Call to set up an appointment with our sales team to help you find a solution for your floor!

Love-Less Ash Vacuums

Love-Less Ash Vacuums are a great solution for your clean up needs. Constructed entirely of metals, these vacs do not catch fire if you have a hidden coal or two in your fireplace. Whereas a standard shopvac will melt or worse, these vacuums are built to take warm ashes out of your hearth appliances safely and efficiently. Stop by to see one of these vacuums in action!

Other Parts and Specialty Equipment

Positive Chimney and Fireplace is a retailer of specialty items for your hearth products. From brushes to vaporizors, paint to thermometers, we can help you find just what you’re looking for. We have cleaning supplies too and can teach you how to optimize your normal maintenance routine. Our parts manager can help you find parts and pieces from handles to combustion packages in order to facilitate your repairs. Call us for more information at (231) 775-7941.