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For centuries, people have known the benefits of heated waters and natural hot springs. They would travel for miles in order to soak in the rejuvinating and pain relieving pools. Today, we don’t need to travel miles and miles to relax.

Positive Chimney sells, delivers and services Nordic Spa hot tubs. We also service Great Lakes Spas. Come into our showroom to look at our spas or pick up Leisure Time spa chemicals!

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We at Positive Chimney are firm believers that grilling season is all year round! We sell a wide variety of top-notch grills and smokers. From our TEC Infra-Red technology to our Louisiana Grill Company pellet smokers, we can help you find just the right grill for your patio. We also sell a variety of wood pellets as well as a selection of spices, rubs and sauces.

Consider us for your patio needs as we can order backyard accessories and furniture! We also build stone, brick and tiled cooking spaces as well as install and service gas and wood firepits. Contact a sales representative for more information and let us help you make your backyard a go-to location all year round!

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